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MEP and Technology

Customized Engineering solutions
for residential and commercial property

Electric power supply and lighting systems
Computer network, Wi-Fi
Home automation control
Multi-room audio systems
Home cinema systems
Outdoor automation
Home climate control
Security systems

Lighting control system

Remote lighting control
Precomputed lighting scenarios
Sensor-controlled lighting

Life Safety/Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
Emergency and exit lighting
Air sampling system
Water Leak Detectors

Security systems

Access control
Video surveillance
Intrusion detection

Audio/video installation

Digital Signage
Projector/TV installation
Sound systems
Video walls
Video conferencing

Office climate control

Independent microclimate areas
Carbon Dioxide Concentration

Space booking and navigation

Office solutions

Our personalized commercial engineering solutions help to elevate your business. You can transform your office as the company grows - from simple lighting scenarios to complete smart office space. Workspace of a future is a place that’s not only efficient, but also inspiring and comfortable for your employees. With smart office solutions you can reduce property management fees and achieve your business goals.




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Home solutions

We design and install custom-tailored engineering solutions for lighting, comfort, safety and control even the most exacting customer will aprove. Our smart home solution maximizes your home’s potential with functional, flexible automation that evolves to meet the changing demands of your busy life.

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Over the last 15 years we completed more than 120 projects, gaining valuable experience in designing integrated systems for multifunctional spaces.
International experience
We have an extensive project experience in a number of countries such as Italy, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan etc.
Engineering Aesthetics
We have an expertise in interior design and architecture which means we understand that aestetics of engineering solution is just as important as it's functionality.

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Загородный дом в Жуковке
Загородный дом в Жуковке
Изменение настроения и геометрии пространства с помощью света и скрытых элементов
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Девелопер полного цикла
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Умный офис в архитектурном бюро
Умный офис в архитектурном бюро
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Умный офис в LED effect
LED Effect

В офисе площадью 1500 м2 одного из крупнейших российских производителей светодиодной продукции была установлена суперсовременная система контроля и управления доступом.

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